Monday, October 26, 2009

Kadankot Makkam

Kadangot Makkam

A Nambiar Tharavadu named Kadangot at Kunhimangalam near Payyannur, is famous as the seat of Kadangot Makkam Theyyam. Every year in the month of February, the Kadangot Makkam Theyyam Festival in Kunghimangalam attracts large numbers of devotees from different parts of Kerala and Karnataka. The Malayalam dates of Kumbam 10 and 11 are fixed as the days for the performance of Kadangot Makkam Theyyam. This Theyyam is also performed at the Chala Puthiya Veedu in Kannur. The Kadangot Makkam Bhagavathy is the Kula Para Devi of Kadangot Tharavadu, a royal and feudal Nambiar Family who were landlords in the Payyannur area. Kodakkal Koroth Tharavadu members played a major role in the recorded history of Payyanur and the neighbouring places for the last three centuries. This Tharavadu is also associated with the myth of the origin of the Kadangot Makkam Theyyam.

Kadankot Maakkam -Kunjimangalam

Kadankottu Maakkam -Chala Puthiyaveedu

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